Elsinor - System Biology Database

Elsinor - System Biology Database

Desarrollo de páginas web: aplicación online de bioinformática

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Mantenimiento de información metabólica, diagramado automático e interactivo de rutas.

The publication of its genome in 2011 opened new avenues for research on Halomonas elongata and has resulted in a steady accumulation of high quality data that must be systematized and made accessible. For this reason, a series of tools have been built to complement the genomic database Halolex[1], that currently hosts the genome. The Elsinor database contains highly detailed and manually curated metabolic reconstructions that can be managed and accessed via web. CaMBio is a software package that can retrieve information from sources like Elsinor itself or KEGG and perform client-side simulations. Combining these tools, we have started an effort to achieve a highly detailed annotation and metabolic reconstruction of Halomonas elongata.